Skin Care Services

Results Oriented Skin Care

Skin Analysis and Product Consultation 

  • Bring in the products you are using at home so we can evaluate what is working. Some times we need to add something or take something out.  Often times, its the cleanser that is the biggest problem.
  • Lets work together to help you achieve your skin care goals

Treatment Facials – $97

Peels – $125

    • Blended TCA Peels – Gentle 6% TCA solution will improve surface texture and brighten the skin while helping to promote an even skin tone. Works great on anyone, even those with highly SENSITIVE skin
    • Enhanced Jessners Peels – even skin tone and provide more exfoliation for oilier, thicker and more resilient skin types
    • ***All Peels can be worked up to stronger and more potent treatments


Vitalize Peel $147

Helps provide vibrant, radiant looking skin with minimal downtime. SkinMedica® Peels address the visible skin imperfections that result from skin aging and sun exposure, such as fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture. Peels also address skin tone unevenness that can be caused by acne scarring or pigment changes. 


Quick Skin Brightener – $135

  • Clean and Brighten your Skin with a light Lactic Acid Peel Blend + LED Red Light Therapy

Sun Spot and Age Spot Treatment – $30 – $50

  • using thermolysis we can treat sun spots and age spots.  Spots usually require 1 – 3 treatments
  • No Downtime and minimal discomfort


Collagen Induction Therapy and Treatment of Scars and Stretchmarks

Full Face – $225

Chest – $95

Stretch Marks across hips and abdomen – $300 – $450

*Custom Pricing for packages and multiple areas.

Smaller area stretch marks, Scars, and other area will also be done as a custom package

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Liquid Facelift – $997 

The PRP treatment utilizes your own plasma which we get by taking a small sample of your own blood.  We then spin the sample in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. We use just the plasma portion in this treatment combined with microneedling, a light to medium peel, and LED red light therapy. This treatment increases collagen production within your skin. The micro needles trigger your body’s immune response to repair the skin and the PRP supercharges the treatment giving you amazing and long lasting results. There is very little downtime. Your skin will feel like it has a slight sunburn and your skin will be a bit pink. We have high quality mineral makeup with can apply for you so you can get right back to your day.


Tighten and Lift with Microcurrent – $125 , add to any skin care treatment for $47


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