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Tighten it Up with Microcurrent

Microcurrent is becoming more and more popular as a treatment for aging skin - try it with Iridesse Skin Care. Microcurrent uses low level electrical current to trigger the body’s natural skin care manufacturer chemicals at a cellular level, making it an effective tool against the signs of skin aging. To make you feel fresh… Continue reading Tighten it Up with Microcurrent

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What is LED light Therapy and How does it work? RED LED lights have specific wavelengths of red light that target the skin’s oil glands and reduce cytokines, a class of pro-inflammatory substances. It may also help improve skin’s barrier function by improving its ability to retain key elements it needs to heal. Red LED… Continue reading RED LED LIGHT THERAPY

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Don’t Feed the Caged Animal!

Day 12. I just enjoyed some stone cut oats and fresh berries.  Now I'm sipping on coffee.... I couldn't give it up entirely, but I am drinking it black. Lets talk about ACNE.  Acne is an animal of its own.  It terrorizes people of all ages and getting to root cause of it can be… Continue reading Don’t Feed the Caged Animal!

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Day 10. Feeling Good

My skin is starting to look a little bit different.  The pores on my nose are always noticeable to me and the last couple days they have become much less noticeable.  My skin is also smoother and there haven't been any new breakouts despite the time of the month!  For years I've been trying to… Continue reading Day 10. Feeling Good

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What your Face could be telling you about what you are Eating

What your face could be telling you about what you are eating and how your organs are doing: For a younger and pretty face you should try using organic health products from health food stores. Visit alternative medicine doctor in Tampa, FL to take care of your health or go to whale watching dana point… Continue reading What your Face could be telling you about what you are Eating

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What exactly is a Beauty Diet?

DAY 3. This morning I noticed my skin looks better.  Its smoother and my breakouts are clearing up.  The overall color is also better. I'll post some pictures tomorrow of my skin.  I am also noticing some digestive changes. Mostly good, but I can tell my body isnt used to all the raw veggies.  Raw… Continue reading What exactly is a Beauty Diet?