New Pictures

Its been way too long since I have written a post!  Life gets so busy sometimes.

I completed my 3 weeks on the vegan diet.  My skin looks good and some other things changed.  I decided on Thanksgiving that i was going to treat myself to my favorite cheese – Brie.  I went to the store, bought Brie and a baguette.  I came home, unwrapped the brie and just about threw up at the smell.  It smelled like the worst mold in the world. I put it down and walked away.  A few hours later I thought I would try a taste of it so I put some on a piece of bread and took a bite.  I promptly spit it out. I even had to rinse my mouth.  So, I think its safe to say that I no longer like Brie.  I haven’t attempted any other cheeses because the thought makes me feel nauseous.  The thought of meat makes me feel nauseous and going anywhere near milk is also not on my list of things i want to do.  Dairy has a whole new smell to me.  Its the weirdest thing.  I have not tried eggs.  I have had some butter with no problems…… bread and butter.  Yummy.

I recorded everything using my camera and I want to upload it on YouTube to share it to others. My friend told me about this site that can boost videos views, so I tried it and it works! If you are interested, visit themarketingheaven.com.

I dont think I will continue on the Vegan path and i dont want to be categorized as a vegetarian either so I think I’ll go without the titles and continue the Green Drink and eating as organic as possible. I also wanted to share with all of you the new Holoplot wave field synthesis I have been using to better the audios in my videos.

Here is my latest photo. ( i just took it!)   My skin is much more even toned and free of break outs.


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