Break Up with Sugar

I noticed something different today. Okay, well, actually my boyfriend noticed.  I no longer get all moody and crazy when I don’t eat. I used to get home from work so hungry I couldn’t even carry on a conversation.  In fact, its been better that I be by myself while I’m making dinner or figuring out a snack because when I’m hungry, I’m not very nice.  And sometimes I don’t even realize I’m hungry – I realize I’m unreasonably angry first, that tells me I need to eat something. Once I eat, I snap right back to normal and calm.  I’ve long thought this was a sugar thing and it probably is.  I haven’t necessarily cut out sugar, but it is much less.  I have cut out fake sugar.  If I need a sweetener, I use Stevia or a little bit of Agave or Honey, but I try to use those sparingly.

Today, I ate a banana for breakfast and that was it until about 7pm. I felt great all day.  I’m not saying its good to not eat for a whole day, but I’m sure its not that bad. I’m just so happy my body has detoxed from the sugar! I feel good!! For now, I’m no longer a slave to sugar highs and lows.  This means, I will probably be incorporating some of this way of eating into my life for good.  I don’t want to go back to the way it was.

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