I “heart” vegan restaurants

I have always loved the many choices of amazing restaurants in Seattle and now I am particularly thankful for the vegan restaurants!  I’m especially thankful that they are delicious!!!

Tonight I had Vegan Chinese Food from Bamboo Garden in lower queen anne. They are considered a Vegetarian restaurant, but will accommodate any specific food needs.  They are also Kosher.  Over the weekend I had Vegan Thai Food.  I can’t wait to try out Plum Bistro and Cafe Flora.  The food is so good.  I love fake meat.  It tastes really good and is really healthy and help people maintain a balanced weight, which you can also accomplish by taking supplements from sites as https://healthyusa.co/rapidtone-review/ which a natural option for the vegan people.

Other than that, I’ve been confined to Salads at restaurants which is the better choice I should have been making all along.

So… It is possible to be vegan and still be able to go out!  AND, its also possible to be vegan and get plenty of protein. Also, make sure you get enough protein to keep your teeth healthy and reduce decay. If it it’s too late and is damaged already, you can reach the periodontists specializing in dental implants of miamiperio.com.

Protein Options:

Orgainic Soy

Organic Tofu


Rice and Beans



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