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Don’t Feed the Caged Animal!

Day 12. I just enjoyed some stone cut oats and fresh berries.  Now I’m sipping on coffee…. I couldn’t give it up entirely, but I am drinking it black.

Lets talk about ACNE.  Acne is an animal of its own.  It terrorizes people of all ages and getting to root cause of it can be tricky since its not fully understood. To learn on how to get emotional support dog letter from doctor services, visit for more information. When you want in house security, read this article – SecurityInfo. Also if you are looking to do some improvements to your home, consider getting an attic cleaning.

In some cases, Dairy may be the culprit. Particularly Milk, but if you are already dairy sensitive, it could be any dairy. Remember that your face will show it if there are problems in your body. The reason Milk is blamed for causing acne is because it contains Androgen Hormones ( testosterone). Before you go running off to order a SOY latte, make sure you know what kind of Soy you are drinking. You want to go as organic as possible since Soy contains hormones as well, particularly estrogen, which can cause a whole other host of problems. Many Nutritional sites do say to avoid Soy. Just FYI.

Eliminate as much sugar as possible from your diet. Especially all processed and refined sugar like high fructose corn syrup. In general, try to get back on fruits and other carbs.  Sugar substitutes aren’t any better, but I’ll go in to that more on a different day.

Time and time again I have seen people who have tried to treat their breakouts with Proactiv. Proactiv works for SOME people, but not all. It dries out your skin and kills bacteria.  For many people, its so drying that it actually causes the skin to produce more oil. Its a good idea to check in with an Esthetician if you have acne concerns.  An Esthetician doesn’t jump to medications like a Dermatologist does and will instead help you treat it in a way that won’t hurt your body or kill good bacteria or over dry your skin.  Many times I’ve had clients come in with concerns about acne and what we really needed to do was control the oil production.  An esthetician can also do glycolic or lactic acid peels that will help speed up the healing process. I’m a huge fan of glycolic acid as I have gotten great results with it.

Topic medications kill the good bacteria as well as the bad.

Oral antibiotics could help make your body build up a resistance to antibiotics plus it can contribute to a stronger acne bacteria.

Accutane can cause many problems starting with depression

Its best to try eliminating things from your diet and/or seeing an esthetician before you start on medication.

Other things you can do:

Get Plenty of Sleep.  8+ hours a night so you body has a chance to heal and repair itself.  Its important to sleep in a completely dark room.  I use a night time eye cover.

Exercise.  As always!

  • Exercise regulates testosterone and linked hormones Dihydrotestosterone and Dehydroepiandrosterone.
  • When you exercise, stress hormones are flushed from the body
  • Exercise helps your body absorb other nutrients in food that it uses to function properly
  • Exercise improves blood circulation, reduces stress, balances your hormones
  • Acne is heavily linked with depression and exercise is a proven treatment for depression.  Its possible that the same thing that causes depression causes acne.  If exercise treats the root cause of depression, it might treat the root cause of acne

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