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Day 10. Feeling Good

My skin is starting to look a little bit different.  The pores on my nose are always noticeable to me and the last couple days they have become much less noticeable.  My skin is also smoother and there haven’t been any new breakouts despite the time of the month!  For years I’ve been trying to figure out how to prevent those pesky period chin and jawline pimples, but haven’t had much success for times I have also consider a fly in program in a cosmetic clinic to solve the problem completely. But the treatment have been working since I always get at one or two.  This time, NONE!  SUCCESS!!!!

People keep asking me what I am eating.  Today I had the Green Drink at 7am.  A banana at 10am, A Veggie and Tofu Phad Thai ( that i made with yellow squash, bokchoy, broccoli, tofu, and rice noodles) for lunch, pumpkin seeds and apple slices for a snack later in the afternoon and then a hearty salad with some quinoa mixed in and, my favorite, avocado, for dinner. And a vegan chocolate chip cookie for dessert.  I saw them at Trader Joes and I couldnt help myself!  No animal products! Though, it is packaged. I think each day I make it without cheese or bread is a success and I deserve a vegan cookie.  ha!

I miss butter.  BUT, I am down 6 lbs so far.  Its not my main goal, but I might as well keep track of that too just to see.


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