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What your Face could be telling you about what you are Eating

What your face could be telling you about what you are eating and how your organs are doing:

Horizontal Lines above the Eyebrows could be caused by waste accumulated in the intestines.  This means you will want to step up the daily raw greens and cut back on the dairy.

Vertical lines between Eyebrows could be caused by the liver not removing all the toxins.

Bags Under Eyes could be caused by eating too many sugars and pastas. Removing processed grains and adding in more greens to your diet should get rid of those bags within a week

Circles Under the Eyes caused by Bread and Dairy in the diet.  Adding in the Green Drink and adding Milk Thistle to that should help the circles go away (unless of course you are over stressed or really tired)

Circles and Bags under the eyes could also be a sign of adrenal exhaustion.

Crows Feet – too much sriracha hot sauce. This also indicates that your adrenals are being over worked and that oyour body is acidic and imbalanced. If you are a smoker, stop! If you are drinking tons of caffeine, stop or cut back. The Green Drink in the morning would be a great addition to your diet.

Lines around lips, nose and mouth – These lines point to digestions. Not enough toxins leaving the body and not enough minerals and omega-3 fats being absorbed. Adding 1/4 cup flaxseeds to your diet daily ( in the GREEN DRINK!)

SO, what I’m getting at is the Green Drink will save your life.  Ha! Ha! Ha!  Its really a hard thing to change your entire diet, but its not too hard to add in one Green drink a day.  Another great Green daily Drink is this Glowing Green Smoothie – Find it here:


Glowing Green Smoothie:

  • 1 1/2 cup of water
  • 1 head of organic romaine lettuce, chopped
  • 3-4 stalks of organic celery
  • 2 organic apples, cored and chopped
  • 1 organic banana
  • 1/3 bunch of organic cilantro
  • 1/3 bunch of organic parsley
  • Juice of ½ fresh organic lemon

Add the water and chopped head of romaine to the blender. Starting the blender on a low speed, mix until smooth. Gradually moving to higher speeds add the herbs celery and apples. Add the banana and lemon juice last.



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