Day4 Sleep like a princess

Remember Cinderella who had to be home by midnight because her beautiful dress would turn to rags??

Every hour of sleep you get BEFORE MIDNIGHT is EQUAL to TWO hours of sleep AFTER midnight.  For reasons unknown to me, our bodies ‘reset’ at midnight.  This makes it very important to be asleep by then so that your body can properly repair and replenish itself.

I’ve been in bed by 11 and asleep by midnight every night this week.  I’ve been eating this clean diet and yesterday i was SO tired I could barely stay awake on the train ride home!  I went to sleep when i got home and slept. I was also hungry all day long yesterday so that was annoying. I drank tons of water, ate bananas, apples, pumpkin seeds, a salad, beans, rice, whatever i could eat. Today, I felt great.  I wasn’t tired.  I wasnt even hungry.  I just ate my usual meals.  I also felt a lot less bloated.  SO, maybe my body is starting to adjust. I hope so.  If my energy level doesnt go up, I might have to make an exception for black tea. 🙂

I posted Day 4 pictures of my face to flikr.  I can’t believe I’m putting these awful pictures on the web!!  Ha! Its all for the good of this experiment.  Its kind of fun coming up with recipes.  I roasted some red potatoes tonight for dinner and they are YUMMY!

Day 4. Left Side.


This side of my face is looking a little bit better.  The breakouts are no longer inflamed.  They are healing. ( but that could just be time and not what I’m eating)  One thing I have noticed is that my skin is less oily.  I usually have to re-apply my makeup mid afternoon because of shine that appears between my brows.  Didn’t have to do today.

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