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What exactly is a Beauty Diet?

DAY 3.

This morning I noticed my skin looks better.  Its smoother and my breakouts are clearing up.  The overall color is also better. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow of my skin.  I am also noticing some digestive changes. Mostly good, but I can tell my body isnt used to all the raw veggies.  Raw foods are harder for the body to break down.  My Acupuncturist, and chinese medicine expert, says that I should cook all food just a little before eating it so its easier on my body.  I spoke with a Naturopathic Doctor about this Beauty diet and he says that all raw foods have the enzymes within them to assist your body in breaking them down and if you cook them, you denature those enzymes.  These are very conflicting opinions. I’m not choosing one over the other.  I love salads and I love stir fry’s so I’ll do a little of both.

This is what the Whole Food Plant-Based Beauty Diet consists of:

Fruits – preferably organic – in Raw Frozen and Fresh forms.  Fresh juices, smoothies.   No dehydrated or packaged ( with preservatives) fruit, no fruit packaged with sugar, and nothing canned.

Veggies – preferably organic – in these forms:  Raw, fresh juices or smooties, grilled, made into soup, steamed, boiled frozen.  No dehydrated, packaged with preservatives, added sugar, microwaved or canned.

Beans and Legumes – preferably organic – In these forms:  soaked overnight and simmered on stove, prepared in slow cooker, prepared in pressure cooker, sprouted.  Avoid instant foods that require only heating with water, canned beans are not good for facial beauty

Wild or Organic Whole Grains – preferably gluten free, cooked per directions – usually on the stove with water.  Rinsed, soaked or sprouted. Avoid pre-made foods.  Avoid Gluten if you have puffy eyes or crows feet.

Organic Seeds– flax seeds are best.  In raw form, ground up right before use or soaked overnight.  ( i put these in my morning drink – the Green Drink)

Organic Nuts – Raw and used as a condiment is best.  Don’t over-do it on the nuts!  But butters with added salt are on the “undesirable” list, BUT, I am allowing myself to have organic almond butter with no added preservatives.

Oils – also on the “undesirable” list, but I am allowing myself organic olive oil because I cant think of any other way to cook a stir-fry and I love roasted veggies with a little olive oil.  I’m also experimenting with organic coconut oil….

Preservatives you want to watch out for are: sulphur, herbacides, pesticides.  In skin care products – certain avoid parabens as much as you can

Here is a list of substances that do not promote a beautiful face:

Tobacco ( DUH!), Alcohol ( though I’m still allowing myself red wine), Coffee, and black tea

Over the counter medications such as pain killers, laxatives, antihistamines, sleeping pills, cold and flu remedies – all are perceived by the body as chemicals and could contribute to age spots, acne, aging

Beef, Pork, Chicken, fish, wild game. IF you must eat meat, and I might have to, go for organic chicken.  It is suggested to eat this before 4pm and to drink extra water.  Eat veggies first.  It is suggested to choose an animal that is smaller than you due to the hormones that are in meat.  For example, a cow is quite large and needs lots of hormones to grow that large.  If we eat these meats and the hormones in them, we are overloading our bodies with hormones. This contributes to acne and some hair problems. Apart from ponytail extensions, silk flower hairband is also a great accessory.

Dairy. Can cause acne.  I’ve seen this first hand in clients who have adult acne.  They cut out dairy and the acne goes away.

High Protein Powders and other pre-made green drinks are overly concentrated and pull water from your system for digestion. Creates dehydration which can lead to wrinkles

If you are going to take supplements make sure it is a whole food product and backed up by clinical trials. I’m taking Juice Plus. More on that later.

Reference:  “Do you have the guts to be beautiful?” Mitra Ray, PH.D., Jennifer Daniels, M.D








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