DAY 2: Simple Science on Age Spots and Toxins

Day 2 and I’m so excited because I received some recipes in the mail on how to make oil free salad dressings.  I think tofu is my new best friend. Soft tofu is great for sauces and dressings. Good thing I happen to like tofu!  I’m trying to go oil free, but I have no idea how to cook without it so I’ve decided to use it still, but much less.

Yesterday I made a tofu sour cream and chilled it over night.  It did not turn out to be anything even close to sour cream so I’m going to try another recipe.  When I find a good one, I’ll post it here.  Maybe the key is to go without dairy for so long, I actually forget what the real thing tastes like! ha!

Tofu experiments aside, heres a little simple science on age spots are and why I’m eating a whole food plant based diet to sodapdf experiment if it can help eliminate them:

As you know, the skin has many layers. Below the skin surface, just below the first epidermal layer of skin cells is the blood supply; and when the body has a lot of waste in the blood, it literally deposits the waste right under the top layers of the skin cells. These are visible to the eye and these deposits are what we call “age spots”.  The “dumping of trash” under the epidermal layer of the skin can get out of control and cause other blemishes besides just age spots. The body deposits waste in the skin because the organs involved in waste removal ( liver, kidneys, lungs, and sweat glands) are overworked and undernourished, and waste deposits in the intestine are not being moved efficiently. For example, artificial sweeteners and preservatives and pesticides all challenge the liver. If the liver is no longer able to handle these toxins, they remain in the blood. When the blood carries these toxins to your skin and deposits them there, they show up as an age spot. Because the waste is deposited right under your epidermal layer, it becomes visible to the eye; and since this happens over time, we call it an age spot.  We confuse time as the culprit, rather than the toxic chemicals that we have ingested over the course of many years.  Of course, time is doesn’t help, and neither does too much sun! So many things to think about.

Reference: “Do you have the guts to be beautiful?” Dr. Mitra Ray, PH.D, Jennifer Daniels, M.D.


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