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DAY 1: 21 Days to happier, healthier skin

For the next 21 days, I will be eating only a Whole Food Plant-Based Beauty diet to see how it will affect my skin. In this time, we should see a significant difference in the overall appearance of my skin. At least, that is the expectation.  This 21 day blog, is the experiment – the real research to see how much what I have been eating as been showing its face on my face!

In the 10 years that I have been licensed as an Esthetician, I have learned about many different products, treatments, glycolic acid peels, microcurrent, oxygen therapy, LED light therapy, etc. I believe in the treatments I offer to my clients and in the products because I have tested them and researched them and have seen the wonderful results.  My Beauty Diet experiment is not to say those things aren’t effective or of value, its simply me doing more research.  I’ve learned all about how to treat the skin from the outside and now I want to know, and to share with my clients how to treat their skin concerns from the inside. Visit when you want to know more about the health benefits of massage therapy.

This Whole Food Plant-Based Beauty diet, isn’t so much a diet as a way of living, but because my favorite food groups are cheese, coffee, and wine, it will be a challenge for me!  No dairy, No meat, No processed foods, No sugar, No coffee, no over the counter medications. I will be eating as organic as possible and I will be cutting back on olive oil as much as I can. I will begin each day with the Green Drink – a blend of Kale, flaxseeds, and fruit.  I will also be doing some other things and will be sharing those as I do them.

I’ve started my first day and posted pictures sans makeup to show the true shape my skin is in.  The overall tone is dull, tired, and uneven, the texture on my forehead is uneven and bumby, large pores on nose, comedones in various locations, under eye circles, several pimples, and fine lines between brows on forehead – the beginnings of wrinkles. For a more healthier life you can visit wholesale and try their water pipe for smoking.

Today I had the Green Drink, Lots of fruit and a brown rice stir-fry with mushrooms, sprouts, zuccini, and tofu. I drank a lot of water and felt hungry most of the day.  Tomorrow, I will be more prepared!

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