This routine incorporates a mask made with blended cucumber, followed by aloe vera. Aloe gel is available in most stores, and is a bargain for the beauty it packs!

For the mask, wash a cucumber and cut it in half. Slice off two discs for your eyes, Thoroughly chop the rest and mix with aloe vera.

1. Cooling Mask: Spread some of the blended cucumber over your face. Lie down and feel the cooling effects. After five minutes, rinse off.

2. Apply aloe gel smoothly all over your face. Because the gel is so full of water, it can be left on the skin to be absorbed for a few minutes – you will be surprised how quickly it disappears, and how soothing it feels.

3. Gentle Fingertip Massage

Using only the fingertips, use pulsing movements slowly down the entire face.

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