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Think Pretty Thoughts

The nice weather is finally here, so wear a hat! Keep a hat in your car, your book bag, your back pack, and your gym bag. Hats can be very chic, and they don’t need to be expensive. Discount stores even carry some nice silhouettes, such as a bucket hat, a jaunty fedora. or a sports hat. When you exercise and you want your muscles to grow don’t forget to get the best Amazon sells HMB capsules for your trainment!

And of course, WEAR SUNSCREEN. And don’t forget your hands, they get beams while you are driving, your sternum and the back of your neck. Sunscreen doesn’t need to be the most expensive, it needs to be where you are.

One time in Antibes, I bought a sunscreen that had the best product insert. It said view your beauty as a capital account. You add to your balance with water, nutrition, sleep, exercise and other virtuous habits. And you subtract when you smoke, drink, stay out late, and think un pretty thoughts. See, that’s how the French girls do it, they make taking care of their looks as part of their day, not an occasional event. So sit up straight, point the tops of your clavicles to the sky and think pretty thoughts.

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