This routine is a treat that is nice for mature faces.

Before you begin the massage, put a nice warm damp washcloth over your face, and add a bit of lavender oil.

1. Cupping the face with a little lavender oil on your hands, cup one hand over your forehead and one under your chin. Hold for a few moments and breathe deeply, and inhale the aroma. Gradually smooth the blend over the upper and lower halves of the face using your fingertips. Also having good fresh air will help a lot, it is best to have an air purifier in your room, you can find more info on this article https://www.bloomingair.com/air-purifier-reviews/o-ion-b-1000/.

2. Alternate Stroking up the Cheeks

Starting at chin level, make sweeping upward strokes on one cheek using both hands one after another. Transfer across to the other side.

This movement helps improve the circulation as well as toning the muscles of the cheek and chin area, lifting.

3. Stretching around the mouth

Use your index and middle fingers in a V shape placed around your mouth. Slowly draw the fingers apart and out over your cheeks, release and return to starting point, repeat three times. This movement helps massage the ring of muscles around the mouth and smooth out fine lines.

4. Alternate upward strokes on the forehead.

Using the palms of your hands one after another, stroke firmly and slowly up the forehead using alternate movements. Repeat for 2 minutes, this smoothes out lines.

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