At-Home Nourishing Facial Routine

This is based on Ayurvedic principals- and the results are increased blood flow and energy to the face.

I like to add rose oil to a bit of carrier oil for this routine.

1. Alternate rubbing across the face Using your index and middle fingers together, start at the forehead and make a series of strokes horizontally across the face, moving slowly down the right side of the chin and mouth area, up to the left side, and back to the forehead. Repeat the circuit. These movements energize the whole face.

2. Alternate finger stroking down the nose.

Starting between your eyebrows and using your index fingers, make very tiny alternate strokes down the bridge of your nose, then on the right and left sides for a few moments. These strokes work the blend into and area prone to wrinkles.

3. Finger Pulsing Movement

Place the fingertips of both hands on the top of your forehead, touching the skin, then moving them slightly up and down to create a pulsing effect. Do not move your fingers across the skin, keep them in one place and move the skin beneath them over your skull. Now gradually move down the forehead to the cheeks and chin with pulsing movement, lifting the fingers off, and replacing them a little farther down until you have covered the whole face. Repeat. You will really notice significant toning.

4. Face Cupping To finish, cup your left hand over your forehead and your right hand under your chin. Breathe deeply for a few moments, feeling the flow of energy in your face.


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