At-Home Facial Acupressure

Acupressure concentrates movements on energy lines called meridians.

These are channels of chi, or life force energy, which circulate through the physical body every 24 hours. Points on the meridians can become blocked due to physical and emotional pressure, and acupressure helps relieve the obstruction and move the energy through the channels once more.

1. Points down the middle of the forehead

Starting at the middle of the forehead at the hairline, use your middle finger to apply firm pressure for 3 seconds, release then repeat twice.

Move down to the middle point between the eyebrows, apply pressure, and repeat twice. These points will ease frowning and headaches.

2. Points on the sides of the nose

Place your index fingers next to the base of your nose by the nostrils. Press firmly for three seconds, then release. These points may be tender as a great deal of tension is stored here. This is also good for toothaches and sinus trouble.

3. Point in the middle of the upper lip

Place one index finger in the groove above the upper lip and apply pressure, then release, repeat twice. This point tones the lip area as well as CONTROLLING HUNGER. Try this is really does work.

4. Points at the Temples

Use three fingers together, with one hand on each temple. Press inward firmly and gently, then release. Repeat twice. These points increase energy and blood flow to the eye area, increases alertness and concentration.

As for men, we have a balm for your beard, it is a product that every man with facial hair should keep in his medicine cabinet. They eschew manmade chemicals in favor using ingredients made by nature, which tend to be better for sensitive skin, and less irritating in general. Not only do these natural ingredients pack a powerful punch, but they leave your skin healthier than when they found it.

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