Skin Care

Great Skin is the New Black

Facials that lift, tone and sculpt are beauty essentials

Sculpting, lifting and toning jaw lines, neck, and brow area need it as much as

any other spot of the body

Microcurrent facials deliver toning and more – they stimulate the production of collagen, increase circulation, and refine the pores. And the process is organic and non invasive, so there are never any regrets.

This treatment also moves lymph. Your lymphatic system transports waste. When it’s not moving, it shows up as puffiness (especially around the eyes). Eighty percent of your lymph nodes are above your collarbone. These nodes need to be kept moving. Stimulating lymph flow is essential for a flawless complexion.

Collagen is the ladder like cell structures that support your skin, and keep it supple and full. This technology has been tested at the University of Washington, and the study showed measurable results in increased collagen production. No surgical procedure can say that!

All of this translates into toning, sculpting, and lifting in the face. A study published in the New York Times showed that facial aging isn’t due to gravity as much as to loss of fullness. Microcurrent facials address this fullness and a host of other issues, without needing to break a sweat. It’s a very relaxing treatment – people often doze off. The results are subtle yet remarkable. Even better, the results are cumulative.

You spend hours in Pilates or on a yoga mat – don’t neglect to make an appointment to tone and sculpt your lovely face as well.

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