Electrolysis During Pregnancy

Many women find that their hair grows faster and thicker during pregnancy…and not just on their heads. Fortunately, the excess hair will most likely fall out after you deliver. But in the meantime, electrolysis may be an attractive option for many women; but is it safe during pregnancy?

Electrolysis consists of inserting a sterile probe – a tiny needle – into the follicle of the unwanted hair. A slight electrical current is then sent through the probe that destroys the hair’s root to prevent it from growing back. The skin is not punctured, so there’s no bleeding, and as long as your electrologist uses sterile tools, there’s no risk of infection. Depending on how your skin responds to electrolysis, your technician may recommend use of an antibiotic cream or liquid to speed healing. If your skin is sensitive, you might find the procedure to be uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t be painful, and if pain is presented you may want to check some products from https://www.ukmeds.co.uk/treatments/pain-relief/dihydrocodeine-30mg-tablets/.

It is considered safe to have electrolysis performed on your face during pregnancy. However, it’s safest to wait until after you deliver to have the procedure performed on your abdomen or bikini area, even though there is no evidence that it will harm your pregnancy or fetus. And you shouldn’t have electrolysis performed on the breast area (especially the nipples) during the last couple of weeks of pregnancy, particularly if you’re planning on breastfeeding. Both the breasts and abdomen are very sensitive during this stage of pregnancy.

If you decide to have electrolysis done now, ask your dermatologist to recommend a licensed electrologist. Some dermatologists even have a licensed electrologist on staff. We also recommend pregnant women to learn about how to how to get rid of hemorrhoids if they suffer from it during pregnancy.

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(Maternity and Style Magazine)

So remember that just because you may have a little one on the way, you don’t have to put up with the unwanted hair that may be associated with your pregnancy!

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