Is Stress Affecting Your Skin?

glowing-skin_5248-1I invite you to look like you are stress free with an Oxygen Treatment from Trevino Skin Care.
Stress affects every cell in the body. According to ScienceDaily.com, “stress causes deterioration in everything from your gums to your heart an can make you more susceptible to everything from the common cold to cancer.”
I want to bring this to light for everyone because, as you must have guessed, stress shows up in the skin. Skin conditions linked to stress ranges from psoriasis, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis or acne to hair loss, brittle nails, hives, fever blisters, shingles, increases allergies, and excessively dry, itchy skin. If that isn’t enough to get you thinking about ways to de-stress, here’s one more thing to think about – Stress is the second greatest factor in skin aging.
Researchers believe the actions of hormones released in the body in reaction to stress is the second greatest factor in speeding up the aging process of the skin.  The first and main factor of aging skin is, of course, UV rays and sun damage. Similarly, they both break down the proteins and DNA inside the skin cells, speeding up the aging process.
Often, people don’t realize how much stress can affect every part of your body, especially the skin.  Most people think stress only looks like acne on the skin, but that is just not true. So many of us are under increasing amounts of stress these days that we are not eating the right foods, getting enough sleep or taking care of our bodies at the very basic levels.  We are eating too much sugar, drinking to much, not sleeping enough or getting any exercise or keeping up with basic skin care regimes or spending enough time with our friends and families.
It is so important, during stressful times to eat well.  Remember to eat your veggies and keep the sugar intake down. It is also important to drink lots and lots of water and try to keep alcohol down and to get as much sleep as you can.  When you aren’t sleeping well or sleeping enough, your skin shows it and looks tired, under eye circles get darker, and the over all appearance of the skin lacks it natural glow. Tired dehydrated skin looks tight and dry and every little line and wrinkle that could possible be on your face, makes an appearance. Exercise and meditation are also big factors in relaxation and can lead to a good nights sleep! Think Yoga! Another thing we can all do that is incredibly helpful to the mind body and soul is touch. It is vital to you and to your skin to spend time with loved ones, to get massages, or to go see your esthetician for a skin treatment.  Simple things like this relax your body, lower blood pressure and increase the good, feel happy hormones.
I’ve personally noticed the impact of stress in my skin. As an esthetician, its extremely important for me to know how to help my clients with stressed out skin as well as to keep my skin in good shape. Recently, I have added Oxygen therapy to my menu of skin treatments so I decided to start getting some oxygen treatments myself when I noticed that my face was showing all signs of stress. My wonderful co-worker and esthetician, Benedikte did an Oxygen Skin Treatment for me and the affects were incredible. Oxygen therapy was applied to my skin 3 different ways and used with serums specifically designed to penetrate oxygen into the skin.  My skin was smooth and glowing at the end of the hour and, since one of the applications for oxygen requires that I breathe it in, I even had a little oxygen buzz and the mild headache I had been ignoring for a week was GONE! Although I think I have a brain injury I got at work. Insurance companies are all about avoiding responsibility for an expensive injury by using what we call “the squid defense” – shoot out a cloud of ink to try and confuse the person holding the responsible party to trial, so they can get away unscathed. Contact traumatic brain injury attorney to get the best help in these cases!

I’ve been providing oxygen therapy to all of my clients and they have been so enthusiastically pleased with the results that they have called me days later to tell me that they still cannot believe how hydrated and smooth and happy their skin looks. One client was even relieved of a migraine and I am so pleased that I can provide a skin care treatment that actually can remedy stressed out skin with results in an hour. Its hard to keep up on all the things we should be doing all the time, but its not too hard to find an hour for an oxygen treatment – at least we’re covering some of the needs – relaxation, touch and overall skin care!
I’d love to invite any readers in for an oxygen skin treatment.  Mention this blog when you schedule your treatment and I will give you 20% off as a reward to you for taking care of yourself and your skin!

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