Trevino Skin Care & Electrolysis

Olivia Trevino and Marisa Trevino  come from Trevino Skin Care Clinic which was originally located in Downtown Seattle in the Medical Dental Building. They decided to expand their client reach to multiple locations in the Seattle area so they have left the Medical Dental Building and are now working in NEW Locations!

within Stylus Salon & Spa                and               within Nurture By Nature Spa

2321 2nd Ave, Belltown                                          6307 California Ave SW, West Seattle

Olivia Trevino is a licensed Master Esthetician and an Electrologist.  She has been practicing esthetics for 13 years and Electrolysis for 10 years.

Marisa Trevino is a licensed Manicurist and an Electrologist.  She has been practicing Electrolysis for over 2 years.

Lisa Molinaro to join us soon


Online scheduling

Contact us:

Olivia Trevino 206-852-8266  or

Marisa Trevino 206-355-8986 or



One thought on “Trevino Skin Care & Electrolysis

  1. Hello Marisa and Olivia,
    Congrats on the new location! I was looking for some electrolysis education and I got to Trevino. However, I’m not sure if this is something that you offer at the new location? A bit about me, I am a Master Esthetician and wanting to get into electrolysis. I have had electrolysis before and am on board with it being the only permanent hair removal. Also, electrolysis can be used with all Fitzpatrick types.

    Thanks in advance for any information that you can share.


    Denise Doherty

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